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Buck is a pampered pet living with a rich family, but his world turns upside down when he’s kidnapped! Sold to work as a sled dog in Canada, Buck sees a new world: he’s never seen snow before, he’s never worked hard pulling a sled, and he’s never been part of a pack. Buck must learn to survive in this wild world, fighting not only the elements and the fierce leadership of the pack, but also the civilisation he’s grown with up. The longer Buck spends in the Klondike, the longer he hears the call of the wild and learns to follow his true nature.


Call of the WildCall of the Wild

This re-telling of Jack London’s classic novel is aimed at readers aged 12+ and is ideal for students who wish to extend and consolidate their knowledge of English.


  • Adapted for students of English
  • With activity pages
  • With pre-reading, post-reading, and critical thinking questions
  • Accompanied by colourful and engaging illustrations
  • Glossary with targeted vocabulary words
  • E-book

Story Land Literature aims to bring the joy of classic literature to the younger audience. Tailored to meet the needs of students at preparatory level, each story is selected and re-told to help students gain confidence as they grow their knowledge of English language and literature.

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William Shakespeare


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