King Lear - Play
King Lear - Play
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Feeling his age, King Lear decides to step back from the throne and divide his kingdom among his three daughters based on how much they love him However, he is too vain and impetuous to realize the true love of his youngest daughter, whom he decides to banish, and the fake love of his other two, whom he allows to inherit him. He later finds out how wrong he was, but it was too late, for a war has already started, between the good and the evil, between love and hate, and between sanity and madness.


King Lear – Play King Lear – Play

Story Land Literature aims to bring the joy of classic literature to the very youngest audience. Tailored to meet the needs of students at preparatory level, each story is selected and re-told to help students gain confidence as they grow their knowledge of English language and literature.


  • Adapted for Students of English,
  • With activity pages and extension work,
  • with pre-reading, post-reading and critical thinking questions,
  • Accompanied by colourful and engaging illustrations,
  • Glossary with targeted vocabulary words.
  • E-book

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Eleanor Parkin (Editor),

William Shakespeare


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